Danlin Zhang

BFA Fashion Design Systems and Society

Updated: July 24th

[ 01 ] Chaplin life experience - A reversed life style with how data analyze him.The person lives completely opposite with how data analyzes him. His life doesn't belong to any “style”, “model”, including how he dresses on different occasions, like parallel universes composed into one form. He can already be considered a “glitch” in this society that is not always following the “rules”.
[ 02 ] Chaplin
[ 03 ] Chaplin
[ 04 ] Shawn life experience: “Functionality” in digital capitalism and AI technology- workers and employees as machines. Starting from a real rendering of one day in his life, which depicts his working schedule- from Monday to Sunday working with his boss at home. Similar to working in an office, he’s always under surveillance. “Force to fit” is when the ready made outfit in 3d program doesn’t fit on a body that’s not standard size, the clothing shows glitch and remains in the t-pose on that body. The suit represents him working under the capitalism model, however the suit is glitched and is starting to break apart.
[ 05 ] Shawn
[ 06 ] Shawn
[ 07 ] Shawn
[ 08 ] Shawn
[ 09 ] Dafan life experience - An imaginary virtual character representing himself People tend to create virtual characters online that are imaginary characters that start to replace the realself. Sometimes the imaginary self seems to be more “real”. In order to break this hyper-real representation of individuals, the situation will be converted. The low-poly man “Takumisan” that is generated by 3D program based on Dafan will be brought to real life, he has his own social media accounts and online life. How it’s time to question who is him, who is inside him.
[ 010 ] Dafan
[ 011 ] Dafan
[ 012 ] Yali life experience -recommendation and advertisement in apps How much can the recommendation and advertisement reform life and create false desire? From Yali’s one day life, a lot of recommendation apps she reviews on her phone lead to her further decision on what to buy, where to go. The “Glitch” happens when the picture of an object looks normal but the actual object doesn’t function, like the jacket she wears, the simulation can never replace the real event even if it looks the same.
[ 013 ] Yali
[ 014 ] "LOOKBOOK"